Executive team

Chrysa Papagianni, PhD

Project Coordinator & WP 1 Leader

Assistant professor at Informatics Institute,  University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Research focus: network programmability and (data-centric) automation 

Gergely Pongracz, MSc

Technical Coordinator

Senior researcher and Information Technology Expert at Ericsson Research (Budapest, Hungary).

Expertise: programmable networks and high-performance cloud platforms (infra) and their implications on deploying 5G networks. Network protocols, GNU C/C++, Technical Demonstrations, GNU Debugger, Optimization

Juan José Vegas Olmos, PhD

Innovation Manager

Principal Engineer and Research Program Coordinator for Europe at Mellanox Technologies (Roskilde, Denmark) – NVIDIA (Israel)

Expertise: Photonics, Optics, Electronics and Software architecture.

Rafael López da Silva, MSc

WP 2 Leader

IP Technologies Expert at Telefónica Innovación Digital (Madrid, Spain)

Research focus: Disaggregated architectures, IP networks, Virtualization HW and Accelerators

Anastassios Nanos, PhD

WP 3 Leader

Systems researcher and director at Nubis (Athens, Greece), software development SME specialized in building a novel framework that facilitates application deployment in the Cloud and at the Edge

Expertise: low-level hypervisors, hardware acceleration in VMs & containers, container runtimes, network and storage abstractions for containers & unikernels.

Attila Mihály, PhD

WP 4 Leader

Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research (Budapest, Hungary).

Research focus: Disaggregated architectures, IP networks, Virtualization HW and Accelerators

Francesco Paolucci, PhD

WP 5 Leader

Senior Researcher at Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni (Pisa, Italy), at the Photonic Networks and Technologies National Lab

Research focus: Computer Communications (Networks), Optical Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering.

Carlos J. Bernardos Cano, PhD

WP 6 Leader & Open Science, Data Management and Ethics (SOEM)

Professor at the Telematic Engineering Department and senior researcher at the Networks and Communication Technologies (NETCOM) group at University Carlos III de Madrid (Leganés, Spain).

Research focus: Vehicular networks, IP mobility, network mobility, wireless multi-hop networks.

Paola Grosso, PhD

Dissemination & Communication Manager

Associate professor at Informatics Institute,  University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Chair of MNS group & Director of the Graduate School of Informatics

Research focus: Secure, sustainable and responsible networks

Teresa Calafat, MSc

DESIRE6G Project Manager

Project manager at the Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)