DESIRE6G – Distributed Genuine Intelligence for 6G
Vincent Lefebvre (TSS), INCYBER 2024
28 March 2024Download
Performance evaluation of Private and Public Blockchains for multi-cloud service federation
Adam Zahir (UC3M), ICDCN 2024
26 February 2024Download
Towards extreme network KPIs with programmability in 6G at Hexa-X-II WS
Gergely Pongracz (ERI-HU), online workshop by Hexa-X-II with SNS JU projects
26 January 2024Download
DESIRE6G – a 6G Architecture Based on Deeply Programmable Networks
Sandor Laki (ELTE), 6G Work Group meeting of the Hungarian 5G Coalition
6 December 2023Download
Pályázói tapasztalatok: a Horizon Europe 6G SNS programban
Sandor Laki (ELTE), 4th Preparatory workshop for the Hungarian EU presidency
5 December 2023Download
Attesting What and How? Novel Forms of Attestations
Vincent Lefebvre (TSS), Attestation Workshop at ORANGE Applied Cryptography Group
15 November 2023Download
Towards extreme network KPIs with programmability in 6G
Chrysa Papagianni (UvA), 6G-PDN Workshop at MobiHoc2023
23 October 2023Download
In-Network Quality Control of IP Camera Streams
Csaba Györgyi (ELTE), 6G-PDN Workshop at MobiHoc2023
23 October 2023Download
Edge Intelligence over Wireless: Present & Future
Mehdi Bennis (UOU), Siemens EDA Forum Finland 2023
9 October 2023Download
On the way to 6G – Distributed intelligent control, Deep programmability and Hardware acceleration
Sandor Laki (ELTE), WG meeting of the Hungarian Scientific Association for Infocommunications (HTE)
9 October 2023Download
Integration of Network Slice Controller for Enhanced Intent-Based Networking in 5G/6G Networks
Alejandro Muñiz (TID), Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture workshop (MobiArch) at MobiCom2023
6 October 2023Download
DESIRE6G presentation at SNS JU Steering Board meeting
Chrysa Papagianni (UvA), Athens
5 September 2023Download
Comparison of Statistical and Machine Learning Based Approaches for Telemetry Data Size Reduction
Marc Ruiz (UPC), ICTON2023
3 July 2023Download
A brief Introduction to DESIRE6G – A 6G Architecture based on deeply programmable networks
Sándor Laki (ELTE), Plenary meeting of 5G Coalition (5G Koalíció plenáris meeting) in Budapest
22 June 2023Download
Employing deep programmability and distributed intelligence for real-time 6G networks 
Chrysa Papagianni (UvA), The 6G series workshop at EuCNC2023
6 June 2023Download
End-to-end data plane abstraction for supporting deep slicing in 6G
Sándor Laki (ELTE), Future deterministic programmable networks for 6G at EuCNC2023
6 June 2023Download
Future deterministic programmable networks for 6G (Full workshop slide deck)
Joint workshop with DETERMINISTIC6G and PREDICT-6G at EuCNC2023
6 June 2023Download
Programmability and Distributed Intelligence: a way towards predictability?
Gergely Pongracz (ERI-HU), ONDM2023 workshop
10 May 2023Download
6G SNS Official start DESIRE6G presentation
Chrysa Papagianni (UvA), SNS JU Lunchtime Webinars
23 February 2023Download