Event attended or organized by DESIRE6GDateWebsite
Live Demo 1: AR with Perceived Zero Latency from EuCNC 2024
presented by Francesco Paolucci (CNIT) in Antwerp, Belgium
19 June 2024Video
Organization of 6G Programmable Deterministic Webinar series
with PREDICT-6G and DETERMINISTIC6G by Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M). Presented by Chrysa Papagianni (UVA)
14 June 2024Link
Organization of IEEE Network Special Issue “Deterministic, Reliable, Resilient and Programmable Networks for 6G”
co-organized by Chrysa Papagianni (UVA), Fabio Luciano Verdi, David Chieng, Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M)
10 June 2024Link
Network Telemetry course at ARTIST Seasonal School
presented by Andrea Sgambelluri (SSSA) in Pisa, Italy
5 June 2024Link
Demo at EuCNC 2024 of DESIRE6G’s Robotic Dog
presented by Adam Zahir (UC3M) in Antwerp, Belgium
3-6 June 2024Video
Participation in WS8: Architectural Considerations Enabling the IMT 2030 Framework by European 6G R&D Activities
speaker Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M) at EuCNC 2024, in Antwerp, Belgium
3 June 2024Link
“5G applications, from telemedicine to video-surveillance” (in Italian) talk for general public
presented by Andrea Sgambelluri (SSSA) at Festival della Robotica in Pisa, Italy
28 May 2024Link
Live Demo 4: Distributed MAS fed with Telemetry Data from OFC 2024
presented by Marc Ruiz (UPC) in San Diego, California, USA

26 March 2024
Live Demo 3: Deployment of Secure MAS Pipelines for Near-RT Control from OFC 2024
presented by Pol Gonzalez (UPC) in San Diego, California, USA
26 March 2024Video
DESIRE6G: Towards Extreme Network KPIs with Deep Programmability in 6G
Info Day & 6G SNS JU 2024 Brokerage Event with Phase 1 success story presentations, Istanbul, Türkiye
23 November 2023Link
6G-PDN Workshop: 6G Programmable Deterministic Networking with AI
co-organized by Chrysa Papagianni (UvA) with PREDICT-6G at MobiHoc 2023, Washington DC, USA
23 October 2023Link
Participation in Ericsson Research Day presenting DESIRE6G internally
presented by Gunes Kesik (EBY) in Istanbul, Türkiye
4 October 2023Poster
9th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization (IEEE NetSoft 2023)
co-organized by Carlos Jesús Bernardos (UC3M) in Madrid, Spain
19 -23 June 2023Link
Future deterministic programmable networks for 6G Workshop
co-organized by Chrysa Papagianni (UvA) with DETERMINISTIC6G and PREDICT-6G at EuCNC 2023, Gothenburg, Sweden
6 June 2023Link
Artificial Intelligence in the remote control of a robotic arm – Science Fair for children in Madrid24 March 2023Link