Event attended or organized by DESIRE6GDateWebsite
Demos at Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC 2024)
presented by Marc Ruiz and Pol Pacheco (UPC) in San Diego, California, USA
26 March 2024Demo 3
Demo 4
DESIRE6G: Towards Extreme Network KPIs with Deep Programmability in 6G
Info Day & 6G SNS JU 2024 Brokerage Event with Phase 1 success story presentations, Istanbul, Türkiye
23 November 2023Link
6G-PDN Workshop: 6G Programmable Deterministic Networking with AI
co-organized by Chrysa Papagianni (UvA) with PREDICT-6G at MobiHoc 2023, Washington DC, USA
23 October 2023Link
9th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization (IEEE NetSoft 2023)
co-organized by Carlos Jesús Bernardos (UC3M) in Madrid, Spain
19 -23 June 2023Link
Future deterministic programmable networks for 6G Workshop
co-organized by Chrysa Papagianni (UvA) with DETERMINISTIC6G and PREDICT-6G at EuCNC 2023, Gothenburg, Sweden
6 June 2023Link