Face to face meeting in Budapest

DESIRE6G members meet in Budapest for the second plenary meeting

During the 27th and 28th of June, at the 6-months mark of the project, all partners met in Budapest to discuss the progress and next steps.

The plenary session was preceded by a focused Architecture workshop the day before. In this 3-hour session, the teams involved in designing and developing the innovative network architecture had the opportunity to go into the technical details and identify the best approach.

On the plenary session days, the WP Leaders presented a progress update on their respective work packages, as well as important decisions and upcoming milestones. The Technical coordinator, Gergely Pongracz, presented the conclusions from the Architecture workshop.

The technical discussion focused mostly on the design of the end-to-end programmable network architecture and on the extreme digital twin uses cases that it will support.

The event was hosted by Ericsson Hungary, located on the riverside of the Danube, and 35 participants attended from 11 different countries. Besides long hours of meetings, in the evening there was time for team building and a dinner with some of the best dishes of the Hungarian cuisine.

For the technical work packages (WP2, WP3 and WP4) the coming months will be very busy implementing the decisions taken in Budapest and making great advancements before the next plenary at the end of the year.