DESIRE6G presents system architecture innovations

On January 26, DESIRE6G will be presenting at the Hexa-X-II workshop, delving into the fundamental choices shaping the future of 6G. As we mark our first-year anniversary, join us in reflecting on the strides we’ve made in revolutionizing telecommunications.

What We’ll Cover:

Our presentation will break down the architectural decisions of DESIRE6G, focusing on why we believe a novel architecture is needed for 6G and exploring the novelties that arise from this approach. Our main message revolves around programmability and its role in simplifying the development, deployment, and usage of network functions. We’ll delve into the cloud-native principles that underpin optimized network and application functions and how they align with automatic scaling and failover in the dynamic 6G environment.

Real-Time Optimization Challenges:

Addressing the challenges of real-time optimization across different scales, from local to end-to-end perspectives, we’ll explore how multiple optimization loops collaborate for a responsive and adaptive network. We’ll discuss the intricacies of maintaining automatic scaling and failover despite the much lower timescale between messages.

Hexa-X-II and seven other SNS JU projects will participate in this full-day event, divided along four main themes in 6G:

  • System Architecture
  • Communication Infrastructure Technologies and Devices
  • Wireless Communication Technologies and Signal Processing
  • Secure Service Development and Smart Security

Our technical coordinator, Gergely Pongracz (Ericsson Hungary) will speak on behalf of DESIRE6G under the System Architecture theme.

The workshop will take place online and will be open to 6G SNS projects members, who are invited to contribute with their technical questions. We look forward to an open and lively space for exchange and discussion to keep pushing the boundaries of 6G.