On 21 and 22 of November DESIRE6G held a face-to-face meeting in Istanbul hosted by Ericsson. On the first day, the consortium was welcomed by Ericsson Turkey’s president Isil Yalcin, who explained the network research ecosystem and highlighted the value of research projects such as DESIRE6G for large telecommunication companies.

Isil Yalcin, President of Ericsson Turkey and Iran welcomes DESIRE6G partners..

The heart of the meeting was dedicated to in-depth technical discussions, where project partners shared insights, challenges, and advancements within their respective work packages. These sessions not only facilitated a deeper understanding of each component but also fueled collaborative problem-solving and ideation. Partners collectively defined strategies for overcoming obstacles, and set the trajectory for the coming year.

As partners return to their respective institutions, the outcomes of the face-to-Face meeting will be worked on and tested before the next get together in Amsterdam, planned for February 2024.

We are very thankful to our Ericsson Turkey colleagues who ensured that everything was perfectly organized and that we got the best views of Istanbul’s skyline at all times.