Beyond 6G: ICT.OPEN 2023

A new edition of ICT.OPEN is taking place on 19 and 20th of April in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Organized by the Dutch Research Council (NWO), ICT.OPEN brings together a great variety of ICT fundamental research with novel innovative applications.

DESIRE6G will be able to contribute to the discussion with the participation of Project Coordinator Dr. Chrysa Papagianni as co-chair in the panel discussion for the track (Beyond) 6G: enabling a sovereign and sustainable digital society


Track chair: Lucia D’Acunto
co-track chair: Chrysa Papagianni
co-track chair: Fernando Kuipers
co-track chair: Suzan Bayhan


Day: Thursday 20 of April 2023

Time: 11.00 to 12.00

Location: Room 102 at Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Use #ICTOPEN2023 to share your thoughts!


11:00-11:15 Invited speaker: Dr Xi: 6G Architecture Landscape: the European Perspective

11:15-11:25 Comparison of device and in-network processing for real-time remote communication  (T. Dimitrovski – TNO)

11:25-11:35 Energy footprint of largescale computing on the Dutch national supercomputer (B. Czaja – SURF)

11:35-11:45 How Resilient are Dutch Cellular Networks? (L. Weedage – UT)

11:45-11:55 Low power hardware design for AI-based 6G wireless communication (B. v. Bolderik)